The Innovation

The innovation is all about experimentation. It is fun doing with real thinking and art of learning can be achieved or enhanced through the actual feeling. Although we do not realize this concept and do not like to pursue it. The humble beginning can begin just like putting ourselves into the shoes of a baby. We have a few things around us and jump on experimentation. The prototyping briefly is also the step toward our design enhancement. How to solve a problem in hand? The true achievement is through start from the basic and and then gradually to reach to a point where our industry’s problems have plateaued out. Working in team specially with friends where we trust and we develop a sense of togetherness and belonging, and grow the friendship into a bigger group of working on ideas and we will genuinely develop a long term relationship and partnership to always come up with wonderful ideas in a short time span. It is fun to develop a symbol of creativity for every organization. For example in the video by Tim shows how the Pixar, where the animators  work in wooden huts and decorated caves. Some wacky ideas or symbols for creativity inspires a lot of ideas and people enter the office with positive frame of mind. It should not be boring , but it should be entertaining. That symbol has to change every six months and through challenge to the team. Other example some great library’s are so symbolic that it literary inspires us to go and be creative or read something meaningful and do inspire us to explore our thoughts. The permissive environment in any organization explores different avenues of thoughts and it characterizes one with freedom. 

Every organization should have a creativity test. For example 30 circle test to draw any object in it with in 40 seconds, this explores how fast we are in our thinking process. This takes us too new journey of creativity. For example a Washmen company in Dubai has an idea to disrupt a traditional industry by connecting customers directly to the service provider, cutting out middlemen and the only facility in Dubai have fully integrated and technology sound cameras to track each an every cloth  during the process. A lot of people think in their mind but to bring in practicality and taking the project forward it needs patients and perseverance. 

Building a learning relationship by closely involving partners and stepping into each others shoes. Use relationship and cultivate trust among the team members in different perspective and drive bold turns in the work. 

When ideas move forward through  cycle of trust and fearless creativity, they will gain momentum and can be launch sooner in the market than we think. 


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