How I like to think about Fogg Behavior Model (FBM)

Motivation: I use FBM to decide how much information people need before asking them to take action. I assess the motivation that I’ve built with the copy that came before I ask them to buy/sign up/click, and the button copy itself – is this motivating or not?

Ability: Is the form easy to fill out? Is it easy to buy? How can I make it easier?

Trigger: I like to think of headlines and calls to action as triggers. Are they compelling? Are they visible, high in the visual hierarchy?

Supplemental reading: Fogg Behavior Model website

Online persuasion tips:

  • Put the focus on only a few (a max of three) USP’s.
  • Emphasize your most unique USP so intensely that your customers lose focus on less favorable aspects.
  • Don’t just focus on your best aspects, but also on those that differ significantly from your competitors.
  • Also, emphasize the huge change that happens the moment people buy your product or use your service.

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